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If you are considering the implementation of a heliport on an industial estate, at the permisses of your own company, or maybe in your backgarden, HeliportConsult is giving you the right advice when it comes to determining the right location and the equipment of your site.

On this website you will find our view on heliports, equipping them and handling the rules and laws involved.

Installing a heliport is just more than simply putting some blocks in a field and hang a windsock out. We charish the perspective that heliport infra is a world in itself, based on the principle that on any heliport safe operations must be conducted.

Lifting heliport infra up to the level of sience is one of the goals of HeliportConsult. Not in the least to come to safer helicotper operations on heliports, but stimulating and promoting the use of helicopters in the widest sense of the word.